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December 2007


by webs & 1 other
Chronic is a natural language date/time parser written in pure Ruby. See below for the wide variety of formats Chronic will parse.

Datejs - A JavaScript Date Library » About…

by greut & 11 others

Comprehensive, yet simple, stealthy and fast. Datejs has passed all trials and is ready to strike. Datejs doesn’t just parse strings, it slices them cleanly in two.

a cool remplacemen of the old Simon Willison functions, still not clever to foreign langages.

November 2007


by CharlesNepote & 11 others
Comment est-ce que Doodle fonctionne? 1. Créez un sondage. 2. Envoyez le lien au sondage aux participants. 3. Suivez l'évolution du sondage en ligne.

jQuery UI Datepicker

by nhoizey & 2 others
A date picker can easily be added to an input field with default settings.

October 2007

Mastering Oracle Python, Part 2: Working with Times and Dates

by pvergain
Starting with the Python 2.4 release, cx_Oracle handles DATE and TIMESTAMP datatypes natively, mapping values of such columns to Python datetime objects from the datetime module. This offers certain advantages as datetime objects support arithmetic operations in-place. Built-in time zone support and several dedicated modules make Python a real time machine. The transition between Python and Oracle date/time datatypes is completely transparent to developers thanks to cx_Oracle's mapping mechanisms. Python developers might find Oracle's date arithmetic a bit odd at first, but only with a few tips it becomes completely clear and very reasonable. This part of the series will give you an in-depth understanding of date arithmetic from both Oracle and Python's point of view. Each of them offers rich support for handling date/time datatypes, so it is the programmer's choice which one to rely on. If you tend to put application logic inside the database or whether you prefer to encapsulate date/time operations in the application itself, the seamless integration of Oracle with Python offers you maximum flexibility with limited programming effort.


by kooolman
"Cette application (plugin Maxthon) vous permet de connaître la date à laquelle les dernières modifications ont été apportées aux pages Internet que vous visitez. Ainsi, les informations gardent tout leur sens." Utile lors de recherches d'infos. Pour un dossier ou un devoir scolaire. Surtout sur les "vieux" sites. Par contre, pour les sites dynamiques, c'est la date du jour (format américain) qui apparaît. Pas top.

August 2007

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