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09 September 2006 15:00

Ruby, Rails, Web2.0 » Data extraction for Web 2.0: Screen scraping in Ruby/Rails

by springnet
WWW::Mechanize belongs to the family of screen scraping products (along with http-access2 and Watir) that are capable to drive a browser. Let’s apply the ‘Show, don’t tell’ mantra - for everybody’s delight and surprise, illustrated on our google

09 September 2006 14:00

Togaware: The Gnome Data Mine

by springnet
The gnome-datamine-tools is a growing collection of tools packaged to provide a freely available single collection of data mining tools. It is available as gnome-datamine-tools.tar.gz. This contains everything required, including the GUIs and the data min

09 September 2006 11:00

09 September 2006 10:00

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