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26 July 2006 08:30

Free Computer Books, Tutorials, and Lecture Notes

by feision & 13 others
Languages C C++ XML/XSL UML Perl Python Tcl/Tk Ada Lisp Assembly Fortran Prolog Ruby Cobol Basic Scheme Misc Programming Languages More Language BooksMore ... View all the sub-categories Java/J2EE Core Java Advanced J2EE/EJB STRUTS JSF Servlet/JSP Spring/Hibernate Enterprise Design Patterns Testing Security Distributed GUI Multimedia J2ME More Java/J2EE BooksMore View all the sub-categories Unix/Linux Core Unix Core Linux FreeBSD Security Shell Programming Networking Unix/Linux Programming System Admin GUI/X Windows Regular Exp. Text Editing More Unix/Linux BooksMore ... View all the sub-categories Computer Science Data Structure/Algorithms How to Program Languages Compiler OS Numerical AI/Logic Prog Functional OOD/OOP Computation Misc Architecture More Computer Science BooksMore ... View all the sub-categories Databases Systems SQL Oracle DB2 Sybase MySQL PostgreSQL Misc More Database BooksMore ... View all the sub-categories Web PHP Programming JavaScript, AJAX DHTML/CSS Site Design Publishing More Web/Internet BooksMore ... View all the sub-categories Networking General Networks TCP/IP Management Programming Internet More Networking BooksMore ... View all the sub-categories Special Topics Software Engineering Security Version Control Game LDAP Certificates Signal Processing Bioinformatics Cryptography Reference TeX/LateX Statistics Graphics Hardware & PC Science Mainframe Open Source Information Math Human More Special Topic BooksMore ... View all the sub-categories Microsoft .NET and C# Programming Applications

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