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22 November 2006 05:15

Dabble DB: A better web database to share, manage and explore your information

by cyberien & 7 others
# Model your business Import data from anywhere: spreadsheets, contact lists, databases — or just start from scratch. Add as much as you like, and extend it or change it at any time. # Explore your data Search through your data instantly. Navigate via links and backlinks. Interactively group, sort, and filter the results. See your data in tables, charts and calendars. Save each view and share it with others. # Share your data Access your database from anywhere using a web browser. Add multiple users to collaborate with colleagues. Export to your spreadsheet or to PDF. Keep tabs on changes through a newsreader or calendar. # Get smart results Start off entering text. Then give Dabble some hints: with native support for dates and times, URLs and email addresses, street addresses, currency, and other data types, Dabble can give you calendar views, subtotals, and more at the click of a butto

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