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30 March 2006

The Waters of March by Duinn Fionn

by music2084
Voldemort's final victim resides with the other spell-damaged wizards in St. Mungo's Hospital. Harry suffers survivor's guilt and finds an unusual beta. Cream-colored knee-high leather boots make a brief appearance.

20 March 2006

Dark Chocolate by Dianann

by music2084
Snape takes on Harry as an apprentice during Harry's seventh year. Is all as it seems? (Sequel: White Chocolate)

15 March 2006

Draco In Darkness by Debbie

by music2084
Following an accident in his seventh year, Draco loses his eyesight. At first he completely withdraws, avoiding any hint of pity, as well as any assistance; he is determined to succeed on his own.

06 March 2006

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