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by NiMe
Explications sur les microservices

January 2015

Why developers hate being interrupted · Belfast · The Tomorrow Lab

by NiMe & 2 others
Interruptions are to developers what kryptonite is to Superman—they kill productivity and there’s a significant recovery period. There are two types of interruption: the planned meeting and the one where someone walks over to your desk to talk to you (or if you’re unlucky enough to have a desk phone it’s when the phone rings). The random interruption is akin to walking up to a someone building a lego tower, kicking it over and expecting them to continue from where they were the moment before you arrived. The planned meeting is a lot longer and kills productivity before, not just during and after. So, there are two types of problem that need addressed here.


by NiMe
Principales commandes de Git


by NiMe
Principales commandes de Jekyll

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