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A Visual Guide to Version Control | BetterExplained

by nhoizey & 8 others
This guide is purposefully high-level: most tutorials throw a bunch of text commands at you. I prefer to cover the high-level concepts without getting stuck in the syntax (the manual is always there, don’t worry). Sometimes it’s nice to see what’s p


Streamed Lines: Branching Patterns for Parallel Software Development

by nhoizey & 3 others
Most software version control systems provide mechanisms for branching into multiple lines of development and merging source code from one development line into another. However, the techniques, policies and guidelines for using these mechanisms are often misapplied or not fully understood. This is unfortunate, since the use or misuse of branching and merging can make or break a parallel software development project. Streamed Lines is a pattern language for organizing related lines of development into appropriately diverging and converging streams of source code changes.


Version Control Systems Comparison

by nhoizey & 10 others (via)
This is a comparison of version-control systems. It is split into several categories and sub-categories under which the systems are checked.


CVS Quick Reference Card

by nhoizey & 2 others
Everything you need to know to master CVS, a free version control system running under various platforms

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