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HR-XSL Homepage

by pvergain (via)
The HR-XSL project provides a set of command-line tools that transforms a curriculum vitae or résumé in XML format into PDF, HTML, or plain text format. Background Keeping one's CV current is a tedious, never-ending process. One common problem is that several different versions of the same document have to be maintained. For example, job hunters these days typically have to maintain at least three separate forms of their CV or résumé: * An HTML version for posting to the web * A plain text one for sending via email * A nicely-formatted PDF version for printing With all of these different versions, making changes to your CV or résumé can be tiresome and prone to error. Cutting and pasting can help, but a typo in one version will still propagate to all the others, and then you must correct each separate version. And, when deadlines are approaching, you might quickly make an important change to one version and forget to make that same change in all of the others. A better approach is to put all of your CV or résumé content into a single "master" copy, then let your computer automatically generate and format different versions of the document from this master. The HR-XSL project provides the tools for exactly this purpose. All you need to do is create a CV in a special XML format. HR-XSL can then take this XML file as input and create a PDF, HTML, or plain text version as output. Documentation User documentation Examples Simple Résumé Source HTML PDF Plain text Complex CV Source HTML PDF Plain text Download Latest release Project Page HR-XSL on Related Sites * HR-XML Consortium - This non-profit organization produces XML specifications for HR processes, including a specification for résumés. * Open Source Recruiter (SourceForge) - A Java toolkit for creating and manipulating HR-XML résumés. * Jerimoth (SourceForge) - A Java-based web service for posting HR-XML résumés. * Open Human Resources (SourceForge) - An open repository for various Human Resource components that communicate using HR-XML via SOAP. * OpenSkills (Wikipedia) - a global non-profit association that provides a freely searchable database of résumés based on HR-XML. * xmlresume (SourceForge) - An open source project that defines both the data layer and the presentation layer of a résumé. It uses a custom (non-HR-XML) data format.


by pvergain
Amiko is the new resumé. The Internet has changed the way people are hired, more and more companies are using online job postings to find employees. Printing and mailing resumés can cost and arm and a leg. If you post your resumé on a job site, it only works for that site. Amiko allows you to span the job sites, from Monster to Craigslist, just post a link to your Amiko resumé and that's it.

Kite's Portal - KITE, The European mobile worker’s kit

by pvergain
The KITE project was established in the context of the creation and dissemination of the electronic version of Europass, the European Community Framework for the transparency of qualifications and competencies. The contribution of the KITE project to this strategic initiative is to put an emphasis on the person, the control over personal data, and the use of mass-endorsed publication tools as vectors of the Europass-CV. To do so, among other deliverables, Kite is offering an implementation of the Europass-CV, as a plugin of three open source existing weblogs: WordPress, ELGG and Dotclear. With KITE, everybody will be entitled to add to his personal weblog page (blog) a smart extension, based on open standards, to make his own professional profile more accessible, more browsable, searchable through the web. Above all, KITE will make everybody's profile compliant with today's HR standards (HR XML) for easy, fast and convenient European-scale comparison and inclusion in public databases. If transparency is the collective challenge, versatility is the indivudual commitment: using a controlled webprofile for immediate jobsearch, but also for long-term self-valorization and social networking. This website will offer the results of the KITE project : here, you will be able to download this free and powerful tool (and its documentation), as well as studies and reports on the European landscape, actors and projects around internet-improved mobility. Every person interested can join the project today, to take part in the ongoing tests or to evaluate the tool in real-life scenarios after August 2006.

XML Résumé Library:: Welcome

by pvergain & 7 others
The XML Résumé Library is an XML and XSL based system for marking up, adding metadata to, and formatting résumés and curricula vitae. It consists of these components: * An XML Document Type Definition (DTD) for describing résumés. * Three XSL stylesheets to transform an XML résumé into: o Web-ready HTML, o Print-ready PDF, or o Plain, unformatted text o RTF transforms (requires third-party software) * A targeting filter that allows you to focus your résumés to a particular employer without manually editing your source resume file. Applications * Résumé production: produce web and print résumés from a single source file. * B2B (business-to-business): transfer résumés between human resources and other company divisions, or between recruiters and employers. * Search and retrieval: increase precision in locating employees using résumé metadata.


Fabrice Gangler : contact et informations professionnelles (CV)

by dzc
Conseil, accompagnement technique et formation à la gestion de l'information, au travail collaboratif, à la sécurité informatique et à la conception d'application Web (XML/XSLT, PHP/MySQL, XHTML/CSS, Javascript, Ajax, référencement, accessibilité, ergonomie).


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