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06 February 2007 13:00

Flickcurl: C library for the Flickr Web Service API

by greut & 2 others
Flickcurl is a library for calling the Flickr web service API, handling the API signing and the token management plus providing wrappers for some of the APIs.

05 February 2007 08:00

Flickcurl: C library for the Flickr Web Service API

by nhoizey & 2 others
This utility uses the photos.getInfo API to interpret the description fields and the tags for a photo URI into RDF triples. If raptor is present, it will be used to provide proper serializing to RDF rather than the built in and hacky ntriples/turtle output. Machine tags when they are found are scanned for xmlns:prefix=uri and then all other machine tags with that prefix turn into triples. Several prefixes are also pre-defined by the library to automatically get turned into triples without an xmlns, such as blue:, cell:, filter: and geo:. Non-machine tags are not yet interpreted.

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