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December 2010

November 2010

Berliner Festspiele

by julie

The Berliner Festspiele have been defining the cultural life of the city of Berlin for over five decades. With our international festivals and programmes – MaerzMusik, Theatertreffen, musikfest berlin, international literature festival berlin, spielzeit’europa and JazzFest Berlin – we present contemporary artistic developments in music, theatre, dance and literature.

La billeterie discount en ligne à découvrir !

by lang
Une sortie au spectacle en dernière minute, porfitez d'une offre de spectacles pour le soir même, à des prix cassés


by sbrothier
An interactive documentary about Mizuko Jizo and Japan

Petites précisions sur les licences Creative Commons par Nina Paley - Framablog

by Monique
quelque soit votre envie, une déclinaison de licence Creative Commons devrait y répondre, seulement le résultat ne sera pas forcément « libre »

October 2010

Regard sur une video - SansFiltre

by fgranger
[Blog->] : "Regard sur une video" sur #culture

Toying with Transmedia: The Future of Entertainment is Child’s Play | MIT World

by sbrothier
“Popular culture demands more of us and our children than most of the classics ever did. In Pokémon, each character has antagonisms, friendships, powers, weaknesses, multiple states of being. It’s more complex than the periodic table. And schools say our kids can’t learn 12 Greek gods. This is what they’re learning on the playground. ” Henry Jenkins

Design is History

by Paykhan & 4 others
As a designer it is important to understand where design came from, how it developed, and who shaped its evolution.