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November 2006

Lists of Bests

by jlesage & 5 others
again, I am fascinated by lists of bests, especially as related to literature; they comprise both an ideology of the canon and a sociology of popular tastes, a la Bourdieu; in an extended form, they comprise much of

photos you likebetter: you are what you like

by jlesage
a charming game in which you pick which of two photos you like the best, supposedly revealing something about you


by jlesage & 26 others
Create a map of your life* Build a map for your event* Make a travelogue* Create a map with photos and videos


by jlesage & 64 others
Firefox extension offers an addictive way to search via categories or keywords or happenstance; you train it, with thumbs up or down on sites, so it learns your tastes; I prefer searches on keywords so far, and have had little desire to "network"

LibraryThing | Catalog your books online

by jlesage & 58 others
You sign up, enter the name of a book, then find out what other folks who liked that book also liked; a tag cloud for the book leads to other books on this topic. Quite addictive, and I just used it to look at the info. around one book.

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