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21 October 2006

18 October 2006

lecturelinks of Mary Klages

by jlesage
extensive lecture notes on major cultural figures and critical concepts for course Modern Critical Thought

syllabus05: Visual Studies and Visual Culture

by jlesage
follow up on the links to his slide shows, with images from history of art; also links to online materials of interest

Cultural Studies Central

by jlesage
large omnibus site with many resources

17 October 2006

Sleepy City | urban photography

by jlesage & 1 other
photographically deconstructing the urban environment


by jlesage
generating and studying: tactical urbanism, speculative cartography, ephemeral/vernacular architecture, and itinerant practices


by jlesage
"different modes of life embodied within local domains, yet globally interconnected at the same time"


by jlesage
Journal of Cultural and Technology in a Dynamic Vernacular

multilingual web journal

by jlesage
check out sections to left on main page, and also writings listed under "correspondence"

Anxious Libraries

by jlesage
wonderfully designed hypertext project on what libraries might mean today, with all those books few people read; a model of a hypertext exploration of an important intellectual topic

Rosa Braidotti and Judith Butler on ethics of relation

by jlesage
a vivid debate between two feminist theorists described in detail

16 October 2006

Swarming Media

by jlesage
blog that give good reports on conferences and reviews of books, often on digital culture

Audio slide show: Bluegrass music's man of steel

by jlesage
example of how to incorporate personal history, music, and slides in portrait of dobro player and singer; also shows effectiveness of short, under three minute, audio slide show documentaries.

15 October 2006

10 October 2006

09 October 2006

Semiotics for Beginners by Daniel Chandler

by jlesage
semiotics, like connotation, and metaphor and metonymy are terms that convey how images bear meaning; valuable for anyone interested in film and photography

06 October 2006

ideas site - craig stroupe

by jlesage
ideas explored to aid in teaching culture, web design, writing

05 October 2006 course archive

by jlesage
"Archived course Web sites presented "as is," including student work good and bad, sections left un-updated, and typos." Attractive and useful pedagogical use of Internet in teaching.

"Media and Narrative"

by jlesage
entry for forthcoming Routledge "Encyclopedia of Narrative"