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Appetites: Step-by-Step Video Cooking Classes for Your iPad

by gregg
Appetites™ - Step-by-step video cooking classes for your iPad. Cook along with popular food bloggers who teach you how to create 27 amazing recipes from start to finish.


Herve Cuisine

by gregg
Recettes de cuisine en vidéo gratuites, 100 videos de cuisine pour débutant ou apprentis chefs!




Tyler's Ultimate Holiday Menu Planner

by gregg
Recipes and Meal Planning Tips : Video Series : Food Network


by gregg & 2 others
Youtube des recettes de cuisine

Rouxbe - The Recipe to Better Cooking

by gregg & 2 others, 1 comment
Rouxbe (roo bee) delivers a revolutionary online instructional cooking experience that walks you step-by-step through each delicious recipe. It's like having a private cooking school in your home, with a professional chef at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cooking will never be the same again!

by gregg & 1 other
Cours de cuisine, d'oenologie et de cocktails. Bientôt ça sera vous le chef !

Qui veut du Fromage ?

by gregg
Des infos sur des fromages pas terribles et des recettes.

FLAVORSHARE - Video Sharing With A Twist of Lime!

by johnski
Share your recipes and cooking videos with the world at! is a growing community that offers its users the opportunity to upload video instruction along with their text recipes. This service is also a fabulous resource for food industry professionals who want to create buzz for their cookbooks and cooking blogs. They can post videos, recipes, and html links back to their commercial sites. Sharing recipies has always been fun...but at FlavorShare we take it to a whole new level. This site is dedicated to sharing video recipies...starring YOU! It's easy! Simply upload videos of yourself preparing your favorite dishes and sharing your cooking secrets. It's fun, free, and very cool. Whether you are a master chef or just beginning we want to see your passion for food! Get started today and share your flavor with the world!


Cuisiner en ligne : le blog cuisine

by gregg & 3 others (via)
Toutes les semaines, et tour à tour, des chefs vous proposeront autour de produits de saison des recettes faciles à réaliser. Ce qui change avec un site de cuisine c'est que le chef vous accompagne tout au long de la réalisation de la recette. Vous pourrez assister à votre premier cours de cuisine en ligne en regardant nos chefs exécuter et commenter leurs recettes.

Cuisiner en ligne : le blog cuisine

by Léonux & 3 others
Un blog cuisine où des cuisiniers professionnels présentent la confection de leurs recettes en vidéo

Yahoo! Food

by gregg & 8 others
Recipes, Restaurants, Wine, Entertaining, and Cooks on Yahoo! Food

VideoJug - Life Explained. On Film.

by gregg & 23 others
VideoJug is every aspect of life explained and illustrated through an ever-growing number of common sense, informative, helpful and entertaining videos. It’s like having an army of top-class experts at your fingertips 24/7 to “show you how” and to help you out. And you can contribute your own knowledge, experience, wisdom and tips too, as we’re aiming to create a place that people come to share - as well as find - knowledge.

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