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iTilde - internet, design, technology, digital marketing

by mydruid
Marketing digital - SEO - SEM - créer site web - création site internet, how to create a website, comment créer un site - webdesign - webmarketing - webentreprenneur




Blog de Michaël Villar

by Mogore & 2 others
Développement web * * PHP, AJAX, xHTML, CSS, MySQL, ActionScript,...

Bartelme Design

by Mogore
XHTML, CSS, Design, Icons, Desktops


by beqquadro
"Ce blog a pour but de vous apporter une aide en CSS et HTML."

css mania

by beqquadro & 93 others, 1 comment
"Since March 2004, the most updated css showcase all over the globe."

round corners css

by beqquadro & 6 others
"I was talking to Jesper about the dotted CSS borders trick and the subject of rounded corners in CSS came up so I showed him my method. There are other ways that I’ve seen it done, but the other methods always require lots of complex HTML and CSS. I figure that lots of nested divs aren’t much better than using a table, so my way doesn’t require much in the way of HTML or CSS. Here’s how I do it."

diagonales css

by beqquadro & 15 others
"Cet article a pour origine notre participation à un concours de code (dont nous sommes fier d'avoir été le lauréat) pour lequel il s'agissait de reproduire, sans image, cette oeuvre de Mondrian (ce lien ouvre une fenêtre popup). Les curieux trouveront sur ces pages le règlement et le résultat de ce concours. Le challenge était donc de représenter des segments obliques séparant des aplats de couleurs par du code web compatible avec les principaux navigateurs. L'une des solutions, la plus simple probablement, consiste à exploiter les bordures d'éléments blocks CSS."

layout gala

by beqquadro & 104 others
"In November 2005 I presented on a three-part article on creating CSS layouts using techniques like negative margins, any order columns and in some case opposite floats. The main goal of the article was getting the maximum number of layouts based on the same markup, each with valid CSS and HTML, without hacks nor workaround and a good cross-browser compatibility. The result is a set of 40 layouts that we've thought worth sharing: on each of them you'll find also a download link (if you want, you can download the entire collection, 40 HTML pages in a single zip file). Further details can be found below the gallery."

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