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fecklessmind - How to create perfect form markup and style it with CSS

by Spone (via)
This post will explain my choices when marking up the forms, and the CSS styling involved in making them cross-browser compatible. While I would love for you to useaardvark.legs in your next project, this tutorial is completely standalone and is not dependent on the framework.

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November 2008

Create an apple style menu and improve it via jQuery | - new media design

by camel & 2 others
Since I wrote my last tutorial on how to create a CSS only multilevel dropdown menu I got a lot of visitors who wanted to know how I created the main navigation of (a so called kwicks menu) The interest in extraordinary menus seems to be high nowadays, so today I will teach you how this is done. Since the Apple-flavored Leopard-text-indent style is currently one of my favorite menu styles, we will start from scratch and build such a menu in Photoshop, then create the needed HTML and CSS and last but not least improve it via jQuery.

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