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30 April 2010

23 April 2010

10 April 2010

BigTarget.js - Increase click target size - more call-to-action conversions | Blog | Newcastle Web Design & Development | Newism

by delavigne & 1 other (via)
$(document).ready(function(){ $("ol.bigTarget h4 a").bigTarget({ hoverClass: 'over', // CSS class applied to the click zone onHover clickZone : 'div:eq(0)' // jQuery parent selector }); });

08 April 2010

02 April 2010

31 March 2010

30 March 2010

Avoiding CSS hacks using Javascript - Valentin Agachi: web developer

by nhoizey
Annotated link

26 March 2010

16 March 2010


by nhoizey
"This is Plumb, a web layout composition tool for use with the Blueprint framework. Pretty much you just draw some stuff up above and it makes HTML for you."

13 March 2010

11 March 2010

Using Conditional Comments and Zoom to Fix IE/Win

by nhoizey
"Making Internet Explorer think a certain box "has layout" can correct most of the float-induced or list-related bugs found in that browser."

10 March 2010

An Introduction To CSS Sprites

by delavigne & 1 other
An Introduction To CSS Sprites If you’re not using CSS Sprites in your projects yet, you’re in for a treat. Find out what they are, why you need them, and how to use them to improve your project’s loading time and responsiveness.