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DEV - Great Resources Every Beginning a Front-end Developer Should Bookmark by vydargis on CodePen

by decembre
If you just get started your a front-end developer career, it might be overwhelming to learn something every day. To optimize your time, it might be useful to know solid resources, to keep up with a demanding programmers’ environment. In this brief article, you will find 6 useful resources that in my opinion I think every beginning a front-end developer career should bookmark.


USERSTYLES - EXAMPLE - ss16 a Fresh attempt at (user)styling 4chan.... (2017)

by decembre
ss16 - a self-centered, fresh attempt at (user)styling 4chan * * created on: February 11th, 2016 * last modified: May 16th, 2017 * 4chan X version: ccd0 / * created by: @saxamaphone69 * (loose) coding style: * * in an attempt to make the style as user-friendly as possible, i will * comment most of the css to explain what it all does * * please leave any comments, suggestions, or feedback on github: * * */ /** * this userstyle utilises a lot of best practices * and sensible defaults inspired from a variety of * stylish and modern web frameworks and resources, mainly: * */ /** * first thing we do, is we use web fonts from google! * this is so users aren't required to download fonts prior. * and of course, if you don't want to or don't like it, * delete or change it accordingly. we use roboto, roboto mono, * karla, and material icons. circular has been removed in the production * version of ss16 to not only keep the file size down, but also * to not have a font that i don't own the license for :^) */



Adobe Parfait

by Paykhan & 3 others
Project Parfait is now Creative Cloud Extract. Extract CSS, fonts, colors and export optimized images from a PSD, right from your browser.


by Paykhan & 6 others
Un outil responsive pour créer des structure HMTL/CSS en drag'n'drop

Snap SVG

by Paykhan & 7 others
SVG is an excellent way to create interactive, resolution-independent vector graphics that will look great on any size screen. And the Snap.svg JavaScript library makes working with your SVG assets as easy as jQuery makes working with the DOM.


by Paykhan
Plugin photoshop pour générer du CSS3 depuis un calque.


DEV : Stylesheet - XPath, CSS, DOM and Selenium: The Rosetta Stone

by decembre & 2 others
Avez-vous absorbé une certaine connaissance de XPath ou CSS ou DOM, et a essayé de les mettre à profit, et se rend alors compte que vous ne connaissez pas toutes les bonnes incantations? Curieusement, ces trois technologies sont tous conçus pour faire des choses similaires en sélectionnant des éléments dans le balisage, de sorte qu'il est possible d'illustrer la façon dont vous exprimez la même cible dans chaque technologie. L'(XPath | CSS | DOM | Sélénium) Rosetta Stone et Cookbook vous apporte toutes les recettes dont vous avez besoin pour être productifs dans chaque technologie, et vous permet de transférer votre connaissance entre eux.


by Paykhan
Jquery Masonry Style fluid

Page Scroller Jquery

by Paykhan
Page Scroller lets you know where you are on a page while providing a simple smooth scroll navigation. Organize your site into easily digested sections. Use a CSS navigation skin or create your own.

InK - Interface Kit

by jdrsantos
Ink is an interface kit for quick development of web interfaces, simple to use and expand on. It uses a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to offer modern solutions for building layouts, display common interface elements and implement interactive features that are content-centric and user friendly for both your audience and your designers


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