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USERSTYLES - EXAMPLE - ss16 a Fresh attempt at (user)styling 4chan.... (2017)

by decembre
ss16 - a self-centered, fresh attempt at (user)styling 4chan * * created on: February 11th, 2016 * last modified: May 16th, 2017 * 4chan X version: ccd0 / * created by: @saxamaphone69 * (loose) coding style: * * in an attempt to make the style as user-friendly as possible, i will * comment most of the css to explain what it all does * * please leave any comments, suggestions, or feedback on github: * * */ /** * this userstyle utilises a lot of best practices * and sensible defaults inspired from a variety of * stylish and modern web frameworks and resources, mainly: * */ /** * first thing we do, is we use web fonts from google! * this is so users aren't required to download fonts prior. * and of course, if you don't want to or don't like it, * delete or change it accordingly. we use roboto, roboto mono, * karla, and material icons. circular has been removed in the production * version of ss16 to not only keep the file size down, but also * to not have a font that i don't own the license for :^) */




Enduring CSS: writing style sheets for rapidly changing, long-lived projects - Author and responsive web developer Ben Frain

by Spone
When architecting CSS for a large scale project it’s a common aim to abstract visual patterns for re-use, DRY out code and normalise our designs as much as possible. However, for rapidly changing projects, I’m no longer convinced those principles should necessarily be followed to the nth degree, nor that they offer the biggest wins. This post describes what I consider the most advantageous practices and approaches when authoring CSS for a rapidly changing, large scale web project.


Basic styling of `button` elements — result

by Spone
Well, button elements have historically been tricky to style, and though the situation is quite better now there are still a few quirks that need fixing. Here’s some boilerplate code that resets the browsers’ default styles for this element.


Pour générer votre CSS3

by Giraultises & 4 others (via)
CSS3.0 Maker est un générateur de code pour réaliser vos bouton, ombrage, transition, animation, dégradé, ... A l'aide de l'interface graphique, vous choissisez vos paramètres. Le générateur vous servira sur un plateau le code css3 correspondant.


Carrer Blog: CSS Specificity Coding Method

by nhoizey
if I order my CSS by their Specificity the search should be very easy, I should start from the bottom to the top

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