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April 2007

May 2006

CERF 2006 - Day no. 3

by Antauri
The third day of CERF brought us once again to the Romexpo Galleries in the Liberty of Press’ Square, being driven by the same motives that brought us here since the beginning in this annual heaven of Electronics.

CERF 2006 - Day no. 1

by Antauri
As you may or may not know from our previous articles, CERF - Computers and Electronics Romanian Fair - is Romania’s largest information technology and communications fair and conference, annually gathering representative companies on the Romanian market, also being an important event of the IT&C companies located in Central and Eastern Europe.

June 2005

Counter-Strike Fusion

by Country
Site d'actualité sur Counter-Strike

-=K1der=- The Chocolat Effect

by Country
Site du clan K1der, clan Counter-Strike de Bretagne

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