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Who is a terrorist?

by sabbah
This was written two days ago by an Israeli journalist (one of the brave handful that see the results of Israel’s occupation) in an Israeli newspaper. Today, watching the latest suicide bombing in Tel Aviv, I think many of his questions are answered!

Film-maker 'murdered' by IOF

by sabbah
Two years after James Miller was shot dead (shot three years ago - 2 May, 2003) while making a documentary on the region (for the American cable giant HBO), his film has been honoured with three Emmy awards. Death in Gaza looks at the lives of three children at the Rafah refugee camp caught up in the cycle of violence between the Israeli army and Palestinian fighters, and documents the killing of the 34-year-old British documentary maker. Initial findings from an Israeli Occupation Forces investigation into the affair claimed that the correspondent was shot in the back, and suggested that he may have been hit by Palestinian gunfire. Another Briton who had been with Mr Miller said they were waving a white flag and moving towards an Israeli armoured vehicle when it opened fire. By chance, the team were being filmed by an agency stringer from APTN. The videotape proves that there is no crossfire. They were wearing helmets and flak jackets littered with TV signs. The Israeli army has, thanks to the Americans, some of the best night vision technology in the world. Their kit turns nights into day. James was shot in the front of his neck by an Israeli bullet and was mortally wounded. No soldier has been disciplined or charged and in court the cameraman’s family have accused Israel of a coverup, claiming there is evidence that his killer is Lieutenant Heib of the Israeli occupation force. Finaly, few days ago, and after three years of shooting James, a UK court rules that IOF shooting of the filmmaker was a deliberate cold-blooded murder.

8-yrs old at home! What would you do?

by sabbah
Kill them of course… No… not you, that’s Israel only. Israeli shell kills girl in Gaza An Israeli artillery shell has killed a young Palestinian girl in a house in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian hospital and security sources have said.

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