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01 September 2005 13:00

PRC law student

by ryanne
[sunday, 05 december 2004] what on earth is this PRC law student doing??? don't tell me he's MEMORZING THE CRIMINAL CODE.....

31 August 2005 19:00

holiday's virtually over

by ryanne
[thursday, 06 january 2005] (above: my current flickr favourites) my holiday's virtually over...everyone has already got started with their cons essay and i still haven't decided on my topic yet! must "bok sart" now... and bonnie (if you're reading this),

31 August 2005 17:00

"rubbing human faeces on himself"

by ryanne
[thursday, 28 april 2005] i can't believe this...MJ pg. 584 reads: "In Chung Chi-cheung ([1987] HKLR 1221), it was held that D, by rubbing human faeces on himself when the police were about to search him, thereby obstructed them in the execution of their

31 August 2005 06:00

crim essay

by ryanne
[tuesday, 03 may 2005] broke my personal record: 2500 words (excluding footnotes, bibliography, formatting, etc.) research essay done in one night (that is less than 12 hours) using a keyboard with a broken CTRL key (which means i couldn't do any handy sh

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