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January 2007

LeWiki404 Mp3Legal

by Léonux & 4 others
De la musique libre à foison :)

December 2006

ITmedia News:著作権保護期間は延長すべきか 賛否めぐり議論白熱 (1/3)

by plasticdreams
「どうせ過去の遺物を食いつぶしていくことしか能が無いダメ人間なんだから さっさと死んでしまえばいい。と本気で思った。」

November 2006

Licence Creatives Commons en français

by Léonux & 35 others
Présentation des licences Creatives Commons en français

no knock room

by noknockroom
no knock room is an online portal dedicated to contemporary art and whose main objective is to support talented young artists in search of exposure. It’s an open door to the art world, a project on constant evolution, a place where creative and talented artists can be recognised as such.

October 2006

Zen Vision :M DVD Ripping Guide

by arielle & 2 others (via)
Trop bien pour ceux qui comme moi, rament avec les DVD et les Creative !

September 2006

The Red Ferret Journal

by qoosmicah & 2 others
Welcome to The Red Ferret Journal - tantalisingly tasteful, tacky and taut tech trivia.

August 2006


by nhoizey (via)
XNJB is a Cocoa graphical user interface for Mac OS X for the Creative Nomad range of portable MP3 players. It uses the excellent library libnjb for low-level jukebox communication.

July 2006

deviantART: where ART meets application!

by gaitha & 145 others, 1 comment
deviantART® is the premiere global interaction and communication platform for the artistic lifestyle. With regulars from over a hundred and ninety countries spanning six continents, this is the center of the creative imagination.

Summer House Draws Influencers to Spread the Word

by bluexmass
A Boston marketing firm, CerconeBrownCurtis, set up the Summer House, describing it in brochures as an ``experiential marketing opportunity" -- a place to position products in their natural settings where hard-to-reach editors can taste, touch, smell, tes

CBS To Advertise on Eggs

by bluexmass
The network plans to announce today that it will place laser imprints of its trademark eye insignia, as well as logos for some of its shows, on eggs.


by bluexmass
Sisters and the homeless helping each other. Donators get the opportunity to have their ads on coats worn by homeless people. A win-win situation for everyone! The campaign received a lot of free publicity, which is beneficial for the sisterhood. The part

Hypnotic Business » Blog Archive » Want More Professional Creativity? Learn From The Master: Walt Disney

by adameason
Creativity is so important in so many aspects of our personal and professional lives. Today, I want to help you learn about how to overcome the barriers that hinder creativity and then learn some fundamental keys in how to be more creative as well as learning about the amazing Disney Creativity Strategy based on Walt Disney’s creative abilities.

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