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12 April 2006

04 April 2006

31 March 2006

29 March 2006

A Remarkable world

by misskitty4280 & 1 other
Welcome to our Remarkable world, where we transform everyday junk into exciting, FUN & innovative stationery

Recycling Crafts: Dad's Faux Leather Pencil Holder

by misskitty4280
This is a recycling craft that makes a practical gift for Dad - a pencil holder with a polished finish that looks like leather!

Quilted Keepsake Box

by misskitty4280
Turn an empty check box into this charming little quilted keepsake container. Use this cute little creation to store jewelry, hair accessories, receipts, loose change, or even... cancelled checks!

23 March 2006

28 February 2006

Welcome To Tampon Crafts

by misspaige & 1 other
Your period comes every month, but Xmas comes only once a year. So bring that menstrual joy to this holiday season with these tampon tree decorations. From a string of tampon lights to a star at the top of the tree, feminine hygiene has never been so festive!

25 February 2006

Paper Toys

by phgod & 3 others, 1 comment

22 February 2006

Napkin Folding 101

by tinyirishdancer & 3 others
Click on any of the napkins and learn how to fold that design

19 February 2006