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Cozy Lummox

by sbrothier
Eric Skillman: I'm a Brooklyn-based graphic designer, mostly making DVDs at my day job with The Criterion Collection, though I try my hand at books and such occasionally.

Cozy Lummox: Pigs, Pimps and Prostitutes

by sbrothier
So... Pigs, Pimps and Prostitutes! This is a recent favorite of mine--three great films, and I was very happy with how the design came together. A different animal than my previous Imammura cover, Vengeance is Mine, but both are personal favorites, actually. Here's the first idea I had, which is pretty close to the final covers


by sbrothier
This is an attempt to create cover art for every great magazine I own (+ a few I wish I owned). It's never a straight crib, the source magazines are a jumping-off point for my imagination... ... and covering covers is a theme that lets me combine some of my favourite things; portraiture, typography, pencils and graphic design. The occasional photos illustrate my current process: I draw A3 & A4 sections which I sometimes collage or retouch in Photoshop. The COVERS typeface is Akka (a nod to Carlo Scarpa) redrawn by hand, of course.


Penguin Books

by sbrothier & 1 other
After buying the book - Penguin By Design: A Cover Story 1935-2005. I started searching local book stores and online for some of the old Penguin and Pelican books. Here's what I have so far.

comics cover swipe

by jerome
Le swipe est une pratique qui permet à des auteurs de comics de rendre un hommage en réalisant une couverture qui fera référence à une autre.

Book Covers

by sbrothier & 9 others
Covers is dedicated to the appreciation of book cover design. We update several times a week. Save for the occasional guest editor, this blog is updated and maintained by Fwis, a design firm based out of Brooklyn, NY and Portland, OR. All covers posted are the copyright of their respective holders.

Fake Magazine Cover Generator, Create Fake Magazine Covers Online With Your Photo

by sign_generator
Ever wanted to see your face of the cover of a popular magazine? Well now you can @ which allows you to be the cover girl or muscle guy on almost any known magazines! Once you've uploaded a digital photograph, you will have many more choices for personalized mashups too (add frames, borders, comic captions, people/props/embellishments, WordArt, scrapbooking, photo cards, image editor, etc), over 500 fun templates and effects that can be combined for thousands of styles.

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