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November 2006

media teacher's home page, lots of resouces, links pages

by jlesage
"news and journalism, film, TV, media policy, media reform activism, philosophy and social theory, urban history, contemporary American politics--\perspective informed by media history, political economy and social and cultural theory."

Dave Harris and Colleagues

by jlesage
large collection of work, lectures, course materials in media studies, leisure studies, sociology

Category D: A Film and Media Studies Blog: The Intro Textbook: A Comparison

by jlesage
an entry in a film blog that I like that compares and contrasts the Film 101 textbooks commonly used

Visual Studies video projects

by jlesage
student work from advanced classes, 2003-2004

Free, Comprehensive Audio and Video Course

by jlesage
Television Production--A Free, Interactive Course in Studio and Field Production by Ron Whittaker, from cybercollege

by jlesage
links to courses compiled by Karen Nakamura, who notes that most courses in Visual Anthropology teach visual analysis and not visual production

October 2006

Dr. Helena Sheehan / Home Page

by jlesage
much material on her media and society courses, including powerpoint lectures

course outline on social construction of space

by jlesage
understanding this topic is crucial for folks in the visual arts, especially documentarians

July 2006

Film Analysis

by jlesage
an extensive and well illustrated--with stills and clips--analysis of film aesthetics and terminology; a good basic resource for any media teacher or film lover to spend time working through

course directory : Media and Film : University of Sussex

by jlesage
a large list of media courses taught at Sussex, can be traced out to see syllabi and bibliography; not a lot of links to online readings

ScreenSite: media education, film terminology, syllabi, news articles, film schools

by jlesage & 1 other
upgrade July 06; essential site for film and media syllabi, annotated journal roundups, and inventory of college media programs; new category for posting articles

June 2006

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