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Des bons de réduction à imprimer pour faire les courses

by lang
Un site pour faire des économies c'est à mettre dans ses favoris, cette startup diffuse des bons de réduction pour aller faire vos courses dans les magasins




by jlesage
well written, much about pedagogy and digital culture, blogging course archive

by jlesage
"Archived course Web sites presented "as is," including student work good and bad, sections left un-updated, and typos." Attractive and useful pedagogical use of Internet in teaching.

rutgers english: cyberlit

by jlesage
attractive website for course, including online versions of student projects

course outline on space, place, and landscape in contemporary art

by jlesage
You will need to cut and paste URLs into your browser, but there is much here to followup on in terms of bibliography and links.

Mark Tribe: The Internet as a Space for Art Making

by jlesage
course at Columbia University, spring 2004. many good Internet resources and links.

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