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Easy color contrast ratios | Lea Verou

by Monique

Browser support is IE10 and modern versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera. Basic support for IE9. No responsive version yet, sorry (but you can always send pull requests!)


by Monique & 3 others
WCAG 2.0 Luminance Contrast Ratio Accessibility Color Picker

Color Laboratory -- AWARE Center -- HTML Writers Guild

by Monique & 2 others

This color laboratory allows you to select colors and see how they appear next to one another, and in various foreground/background combinations. It also allows you to see those colors as they might appear to color-blind users.

Color equivalents table

by Monique

The 147 color keywords defined in SVG, as referenced by the CSS Color Module Level 3, along with their various numeric equivalents.


by Monique & 7 others

0to255 is a simple tool that helps web designers find variations of any color.


La gestion des couleurs dans les navigateurs Internet

by Monique

On le voit, le Web qui véhicule tant d'images est très mal servi par les navigateurs.

A Guide To Improve Your Website's Readability Through Colors

by Monique

Colors have a huge effect on readability. This is why you need to choose them wisely so that they not only create esthetically pleasing combinations but also make it easier for users to read the text. Text is an integral part of any site and we shouldn’t punish visitors for coming to our site by using hard to read color combinations.


Checking colour contrast – Humanising Technology

by Monique
When people talk about colour contrast on the web, they’re usually thinking in terms of text and information rich images. Most people won’t care what colours you’ve used for your decorative swooshes. If they can’t read the information you’ve put on your website though, they’re likely to be quite unhappy about it.

Proper Standards-Compliant Color Use in Web Design

by Monique
Perhaps it is no secret to you that a good frontend design should be usable and accessible. That could be understood as having content that’s organized, readable, and understandable to everyone browsing the web, regardless of any impairment they may have.


ColorBrewer Intro - Selecting Good Color Schemes for Maps

by Monique & 1 other
ColorBrewer is an online tool designed to help people select good color schemes for maps and other graphics. It is free to use, although we'd appreciate it if you could cite us if you decide to use one of our color schemes.

Lighthouse International - Effective Color Contrast

by Monique
Designing for People with Partial Sight and Color Deficiencies

Colour contrast - Web Access Centre

by Monique
Good contrast is essential for people with reading problems and low vision.


by zeni
Vient du Adobe Labs, interface propre et épurée pour rapidement créer et partager des thèmes de couleurs.


Couleurs du web 2.0 · Zelf Black

by Monique
Codes des couleurs Web 2.0 classées par ordre alphabétique

2007 | Your free online color matching toolbox

by temps & 84 others (via)
choix variantes couleurs à partir d'une couleur de base

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