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Amazonia Security Agenda

by verane
Amazonia’s abundant natural resources underpin water, energy, food and health security for the people and economies of the region and far beyond. At the heart of this nexus of securities is water. So abundant in the region, but now under increasing threat as industrial and agricultural pollution increases, and extreme droughts reveal a once unthinkable water vulnerability.


by verane
Guided by Jewish values and experience, HIAS is working to address the global refugee crisis by protecting refugees and displaced persons throughout the world and helping them to build new lives in safety and with dignity. This film was produced for World Refugee Day, to publicise and spread awareness on HIAS' mission and values for the last 130 years.

Kerstin M. Schuld

by pooky_a
ai découvert cette artiste sur le site des maisons d'édition Ravensburger ; elle travaille pour d'autres éditeurs tels Gabriel, Esslinger, Coppenrath, Ars, Oetinger. Son site est très joli et il faut ABSOLUMENT admirer ses oeuvres sur :


The Colors Of Motion

by gregg & 2 others
A site designed and developed by Charlie Clark exploring the use of color in movies

Home - Mr Printables

by pooky_a & 2 others
bricolages et découpages à imprimer, très attrayant ; les pompons fruits et légumes en particulier sont particulièrement insolites

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