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La tyrannie des lobbies, par Serge Halimi (Le Monde diplomatique)

by marco
La politique américaine est à ce point gangrenée par l’argent des lobbies industriels et financiers que seules les réductions d’impôts franchissent sans peine le barrage du Congrès. Imposer quoi que ce soit aux banques, aux compagnies d’assurances, à l’industrie pharmaceutique relève donc de la gageure.


Shanghaiist: Shanghai official sentenced to death for accepting US$5 million in bribes

by night.kame
Si seulement on pouvait faire ça en France, on aurait des élections présidentielles anticipées.

Corruption: les sales manies de la Roumanie

by srcmax (via)

«Un an et demi après l’adhésion à l’Europe, il est toujours difficile de dire s’il existe une véritable volonté politique de lutter contre la corruption ou s’il s’agit seulement d’effets d’annonce, constate Lucia Efrim, journaliste. Mais des choses ont bougé et c’est déjà bien, car le système judiciaire roumain est l’un des plus conservateurs, les changements s’opèrent très lentement.»

Looking Anew at Campaign Cash and Elected Judges - NYT

by ravi
In nearly half of the cases they reviewed, over a 14-year period ended in 2006, a litigant or lawyer had contributed to at least one justice, sometimes recently and sometimes long before. On average, justices voted in favor of their contributors 65 percent of the time, and two of the justices did so 80 percent of the time.

In Matters Big and Small, Crossing Giuliani Had Price - NYT

by ravi
In March 2000, an undercover officer killed Patrick Dorismond, a security guard, during a fight when the police mistook him for a drug dealer. The outcry infuriated the mayor, who released Mr. Dorismond’s juvenile record, a document that legally was supposed to remain sealed. The victim, Mr. Giuliani opined, was no “altar boy.” Actually, he was.



by wrijneveld
series of studies about democracy and civil society in Africa

Council Maladministration and Injustice

by Gallup & 1 other
Misconduct by Councils, when it occurs, harms not only the community they are elected to serve but the wider reputation of government as a whole across the entire country. We all should expect Councils to uphold the highest standards of integrity and carry out all its duties. Most wrongdoing stems from officers that are employed to uphold the Council Constitutions. It is these officers who have no fear of retribution from the employer they serve.


Internet Enemies and Corruption Index 2006

by sabbah
Yesterday, Transparency International published the annual report, where it showed that most Arab states are among worst ranked (UAE - 31, Qatar - 32, Bahrain - 36, Oman - 39, Jordan - 40, Kuwait - 46, Tunisia - 51, Lebanon - 63, Saudi - 70, Egypt - 70, Morocco - 79, Algeria - 84, Mauritania - 84, Syria - 93, Libya - 105, Yemen - 111, Sudan - 156, Iraq - 160, Palestine - n/a, Somalia - n/a) Today, Reporters Without Borders published the list of 13 Internet enemies. Guess what? In this list, our beloved Arab states score 4 out of 13. The list includes Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Tunisia.

Competitive Era Fails to Shrink Electric Bills - NYT

by ravi
A decade after competition was introduced in their industries, long-distance phone rates had fallen by half, air fares by more than a fourth and trucking rates by a fourth. But a decade after the federal government opened the business of generating electricity to competition, the market has produced no such decline.

[BW] No Bush Left Behind

by ravi
The President's brother Neil is making hay from school reform...

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