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YubNub -

by ycc2106 & 24 others
YubNub is a command-line for the web. After setting it up on your browser, you simply type "gim porsche 911" to do a Google Image Search for pictures of Porsche 911 sports cars. Type "random 49" to return random numbers between 1 and 49, courtesy of And best of all, you can make a new command by giving YubNub an appropriate URL.

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by ycc2106
# When you come upon a page that needs some editing, click the PrintWhatYouLike button in your bookmarks toolbar # The PrintWhatYouLike editor will appear around the page you're on. The editor works the same as if you had loaded the url into, but you will never leave the page you are on # When you are finished making changes, click the PrintWhatYouLike button again, and the editor will disappear. Only your modified page will remain




by fbureau & 20 others (via)
Free Online Favicon Generator. Icon Generator.

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