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August 2009

Grilling Tomatoes - Release the flavor with the grill for everything Tomato

by brianwaustin
I know you're thinking that grilling tomatoes sounds at the very best a little strange. Grilling a tomato does so much for the flavor. You simply have to try it to understand. In fact, try this: Take a tomato, cut it in half, and sprinkle with salt and pepper, grill, cut side down for about 5 minutes. Now, take a bit. The flavor of the tomato becomes intensified by grilling it. You also get a great flavor from the browning of the tomato. Since tomatoes are naturally high in sugar the grill caramelizes those sugars and gives the tomato some really great flavor.

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March 2009

Levain - Ekopedia

by greut (via)

Le levain est vivant, ne l'oubliez jamais. Si vous devez le nourrir pour le garder en vie, n'oubliez pas non plus de lui parler. Tout comme les plantes, le levain y est sensible.

La boulangerie, c'est beaucoup d'amour au fond (du pétrin).

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by minijogos
Catering companies for weddings, social events and partys.

April 2008

Father's Day Carnival of the Recipes - 96th Edition

by quotations & 1 other
Weekly Blog Carnival with Recipes posted from various blogs around the net.

Pancake Recipes

by quotations & 2 others
Pancake Recipe Collection From World Famous Recipes - Food and Cooking Weblog | World Famous Recipes

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