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GDPR cookie compliant online tracking solution | dmsCookie

by srcmax
Make the EU Cookie Law and GDPR compliance easier! dmsCookie helps you manage cookies correctly and track online consents.

Comment mettre Google Analytics en conformité au RGPD

by dzc
analyse des problématiques RGPD pour Google Analytics + solution Google Analytics côté serveur (PoC)

Cookie Control by CIVIC - GDPR Cookie Compliance Solution

by srcmax
With an elegant user-interface that doesn't hurt the look and feel of your site, Cookie Control is a mechanism for controlling user consent and the use of cookies. Trusted by thousands of organisations, and seen by millions of users each day; the solution presents users with clear information on how their behaviour is to be tracked, and offers simple, intuitive controls for explicitly granting, and revoking consent.

Mr Cheney Cookies | American Cookie Store

by tadeufilippini (via)
nossa-marca O Mr. Cheney, especializado em Cookies e guloseimas americanas, surgiu quando o casal brasileiro Lindolfo e Elida Paiva, amigos do cookieman Jay Cheney, da Califórnia, decidiram aprender os segredos do verdadeiro cookie americano para trazê-lo ao Brasil. Em 2005, abriram a primeira loja, no bairro da Casa Verde, em São Paulo, e desde então, a rede conta com várias unidades, começando por São Paulo, além de unidades noutros Estados.


Another Tor Browser Feature Makes It Into Firefox: First-Party Isolation

by dzc
The feature is not enabled by default, as it's known to cause some login persistence problems. To enable it users have two options.

Firefox > 55 : comment activer "First Party Isolation" (privacy.firstparty.isolate) ?

by dzc & 1 other
Mozilla a silencieusement déployé la fonctionnalité First Party Isolation (FPI) empruntée à Tor, pour endiguer le profilage des régies publicitaires


Recettes de cookies

by maverick2001
Recettes de cookies et autres gourmandises

RadicalResearch HSTS Super Cookies

by Krome
Websites could use a security feature of your iPad to track your browsing even if you clear the browser history.


Wisembly/basil.js · GitHub

by srcmax
The missing Javascript smart persistence layer. Unified localstorage, cookie and session storage JavaScript API.

NSA uses Google cookies to pinpoint targets for hacking - The Washington Post

by sbrothier (via)
The National Security Agency is secretly piggybacking on the tools that enable Internet advertisers to track consumers, using "cookies" and location data to pinpoint targets for government hacking and to bolster surveillance.

Beware: Your chocolate chip cookie is spying on you | MNN - Mother Nature Network

by sbrothier
The White House may be asking food marketers to be responsible when it comes to marketing to kids, but the snack food industry still needs to keep increasing its profits. Mondelez International, the company that owns brands like Chips Ahoy and Ritz, is going about it in an intrusive and rather creepy way. This is something you need to be aware of.

Shoot The Cookies by McVitie's

by gregg
Repérez les cookies qui vous suivent Détruisez-les tous Protégez votre vie privée

Comment notre ordinateur nous manipule

by toki & 1 other
les cookies : "Le ciblage va jusqu'à modifier le prix d'un produit en fonction du profil. Quand un site de voyage voit que vous venez de consulter un comparateur de prix, il baisse ses prix pour s'aligner sur ceux de ses concurrents, quitte à se rattraper sur les « frais de dossier ». "(ah oui quand même !)


Téléchargez Cookieviz - CNIL - Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés

by gregg
On connaissait l'extension Ligtbeam - anciennement Collusion - proposée par Mozilla pour le navigateur Firefox et qui permet de " pister les pisteurs du Web ". La Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés y va de sa pierre à l'édifice en proposant CookieViz qui se focalise sur les cookies.

the vortex — milkred

by gregg & 1 other
Vortex is a game that empowers you to change how you are identified by networks.


Jeux Olympiques de Londres 2012 – Calendrier, résultats, médailles, billets, sites

by Monique

Ce document explique ce que vous devez savoir au sujet de l'usage que fait londres 2012 des cookies sur ses sites Web, et comment les gérer ou les retirer si vous le souhaitez.

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