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Topicalizer - The tool for topic extraction, text analysis and abstract generation

by urbanfoto & 7 others
Topicalizer is a service which automatically analyses a document specified by a URL or a plain text regarding its word, phrase and text structure. It provides a variety of useful information on a given text including the following: Word, sentence and para


|| gotomobile || The mobile usability and user experience blog

by rudydw & 1 other (via)
The purpose of this blog is to provide an overview of both the cultural and technological trends shaping the wireless market from a usability and user centered point-of-view, and to outline best practices for incorporating these factors into the development and deployment of mobile products and services.

9rules — Showcasing the best of the web.

by vista & 55 others, 1 comment
We highlight the very best web content in the world and package it in a nice bow for you to unwrap.

The CMS Matrix

by beret & 14 others
The Content Management Comparison Tool

by webster & 36 others (via)
always new articles; fresh thinking for web developers and designers

Blaxxun Technologies

by webster (via)
a leading provider of technology and content solutions for 3D visualization, collaboration & community applications on the Web.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0

by webster (via)
guidelines to making web content accessible to people with disabilities; promoting accessibility & making web content more available to all users, whatever user agent they are using or constraints they may be operating under; helping people find information on the Web more quickly.


Contentious » What Is Content Strategy and Why Should You Care? (Series Intro)

by bit2bit
News and musings on how we communicate in the online age ... information architecture, communication and content strategy ...