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September 2007

February 2007

Jewelry Deluded

by thomek
The word sapphire originates for the Hebrew word sapir. Most people think that a sapphire ring would be blue however this is a common misconception A Sapphire ring can come in a variety of colours including purple, green and yellow.

November 2006

10 способов превратить трафик в живые деньги.

by enchip
Как заработать на своем сайте больше чем на основной работе. Обзор схем обналичивания трафика с ориентацией на русскоязычных вебмастеров.

September 2006


by jasonbentley
Multiply is a portal for aggregating multiple content sources. Includes meebo-like (but floating) chat client that interfaces with the majors.

April 2006

Topicalizer - The tool for topic extraction, text analysis and abstract generation

by urbanfoto & 7 others
Topicalizer is a service which automatically analyses a document specified by a URL or a plain text regarding its word, phrase and text structure. It provides a variety of useful information on a given text including the following: Word, sentence and para

March 2006

October 2005

The Power of Blog Links

by jmaddock
When building incoming links to your site, it is important to remember that not all links are created equal. And the Google pagerank of the site linking to you is far from the only factor.

September 2005

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