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by dedroidify
Featuring over 100 short and to-the-point articles about: consciousness, philosophy, reality, spirituality, conscious evolution, history, psychology, politics, conspiracy, social commentary and more! Also includes a page with a huge collection of streaming vids on the same topics.

Dedroidify Streaming Vids

by dedroidify
My huge collection of streaming video documentaries, interviews and lectures with the categories Consciousness, Enlightening Comedy, Mystery History, Many Bloodsucking Insects (Poli-Tics) & Conspiracy, UFO & NASA (Never A Straight Answer), Science & Free Energy, Lectures and Music Videos. Moved to a new website and no more (untagged) broken links :) Spread the word! Don't get bored - get enlightened!

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What Is The Secret? The Worldwide Television Event.

by Craig Browning & 135 others
Have you seen THE SECRET video? Have you discovered The Secret Scroll? Will you have a front row seat? Ask and it is given... A worldwide television event.

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