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AWS Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

by Spone
In this post I'll be going over some tips, tricks, and general advice for getting started with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

by Spone
Because “imagine everyone's naked” is terrible advice Thoughts on public speaking by Zach Holman


The anatomy of the perfect technical interview from a former Amazon VP

by Spone
For the first time, in this exclusive First Round Review interview, Roseman explains exactly how he designs interview processes from top to bottom to build an effective organization, regardless of size or resources.


The Hack Day Manifesto

by Spone (via)
So you’re organising a hack day or hackathon? Here are some basic requirements to make your event a success, and avoid the common pitfalls that could otherwise ruin it. If you cannot provide any of the following, make it clear to guests before registration. Attendees are generally forgiving when clear communication is given. These are only guidelines, but exist to help you run a hack day in the easiest possible way.


WeeNudge | Teach your clients about the mysteries of the web

by gregg & 1 other (via)
Hello there web designers, Trying to convince a client not to squeeze everything above the fold? Is your whitespace filling up fast? We've collected a variety of articles on some sticky web subjects that might just help you make your point. Send your client to one of our topic pages for a quick intro, some links and a wee nudge in the right direction.


by Spone & 1 other (via)
An archive of the best articles from the now sadly defunct


5 Lessons from 150 startup pitches

by Spone
I just reviewed several hundred startup pitches for Capital Factory. Most were on paper and video; 20 were invited to pitch in person. Interesting patterns emerged: Everyone makes the same classes of error. Those who avoided just one of those errors stood out in the crowd. These are problems with the business concept or the founder's attitude, not specific to raising angel money.


Photojournalistes multimedia

by Gladys De Micheli
"Le photojournaliste de demain sera un caméléon, capable d’enregistrer des images, du son et de la vidéo, de coder des pages web et de diffuser du contenu à une communauté de lecteurs qu’il aura construite." (c)Gerald Holubowicz

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