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Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures

by Riduidel & 20 others
This is a dictionary of algorithms, algorithmic techniques, data structures, archetypical problems, and related definitions.

Numerical Recipes in C

by Riduidel & 2 others
Thanks to special permission from Cambridge University Press, we are able to bring you the complete Numerical Recipes in C book On-Line! To utilize this resource, you will need an Adobe Acrobat viewer linked as a helper program to your web browser. Permis


by Riduidel & 4 others
An Interactive Experience of Color Communication and Color Symbolism by Claudia Cortes


by Riduidel
The main effort of the research in knowledge representation is providing theories and systems for expressing structured knowledge and for accessing and reasoning with it in a principled way. In this course we will study Description Logics (DL), an importa

Mapping objet-relationnel, Couches d’acc�s aux donn�es et Framework de Persistance

by Riduidel & 1 other
Les premières questions que tous les programmeurs et chefs de projets se posent avant de commencer à développer une application sont celles concernant le choix de la plateforme de développement, et celui du serveur de bases de données. Que


by Riduidel & 5 others
Ce site est l'oeuvre d'une équipe de consultants spécialistes du développement logiciel en technologies objet. Notre objectif est d'y présenter des méthodes et des principes d'organisation et de conception susceptibles d'accroître l'effi

Tout MDA

by Riduidel
Ce rapport a pour but de fournir une présentation claire de la norme Model Driven Architecture mise au point par l'OMG pour aider à la conception d'architectures middleware. MDA est une norme actuellement en pleine essor, mais très peu de site e

The Theory of Concatenative Combinators

by Riduidel
This article describes a new theory of combinators, similar in many ways to the theory of Combinatory Logic pioneered by Haskell Curry and others in the 1930s. Thus, although not essential, it would be helpful for the reader to have an understanding of th

The Church-Turing Thesis

by Riduidel
There are various equivalent formulations of the Church-Turing thesis. A common one is that every effective computation can be carried out by a Turing machine. The Church-Turing thesis is often misunderstood, particularly in recent writing in the philosop

Workflow Patterns

by Riduidel
Welcome to the workflow patterns page. This site serves as a repository for workflow modeling patterns. These patterns can be used to examine the expressive power of a workflow server that you intend to work with or they can serve

Wiki XP-France: XpFrance

by Riduidel
Bienvenue ! Vous vous trouvez devant l'entrée principale du WikiWiki des utilisateurs et observateurs de l'ExtremeProgramming en France.

Design patterns

by Riduidel
Design patterns form a cohesive language that can be used to describe classic solutions to common object oriented design problems. These patterns enable us to discuss systems of objects as quasi-encapsulated entities. By using design patterns to solve p

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