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May 2006

REAPER - Rapid Environment for Audio Prototyping and Efficient Recording | Cockos Incorporated | Main

by jdrsantos
REAPER is a powerful but sensible Windows application designed for the recording, arrangement, editing, mixing and rendering of audio. REAPER provides a flexible but easy to use interface that is equally suited to amateurs and professionals alike.

April 2006

Un4seen Developments - 2MIDI / BASS / MID2XM / MO3 / XM-EXE / XMPlay

by jdrsantos & 3 others
These pages are dedicated to bringing you some fine audio related software, with the focus on quality and efficiency. Including the XMPlay audio player, the BASS audio library and the MO3 audio format!

AjaxAMP v3.0

by jdrsantos & 2 others
AjaxAMP v3.0 is a Web 2.0 plugin for the excellent Winamp Media Player. It allows you to access Winamp over the network using a web browser and control it or stream music to or from it. Using AjaxAMP you can: * Listen to your music from anywhere using a web browser * Control Winamp from anywhere using a web browser * Cause your music to play on a remote computer * Use one computer to stream music from a 2nd computer to a 3rd computer. * Search and stream your entire music collection ridiculously fast

March 2006

Zone Mobius

by jdrsantos
Mobius is a program for the real-time creation and manipulation of audio loops. It has functionality based on the venerable Echoplex Digital Pro with Loop IV software. It is not a complete emulation, but it does implement many of the Loop IV features, as well as a number of useful new features. Mobius is essentially 8 synchronized stereo EDP's with the ability to copy loops and timing between them. Extensive MIDI and computer keyboard control is available. Audio content may be saved to and loaded from files.

Making Music

by jdrsantos & 2 others
This is a Website about Making Music with Computer Software.

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