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December 2006

Art, Design, and Visual Thinking

by jlesage & 3 others
a basic design text for art students, complete text and exercises onlin

November 2006

A Research Guide for Students - Site Map

by jlesage
a very large portal for students and teachers, including how to search, formatting of research papers, and many content links

Writing Demonstrations

by jlesage
interactive demonstrations of Conducting Electronic Searches; useful both for the information contained and as a demo of web design and writing instructional media in a library context; the larger site is a resource for writers.

Seeing Is Believing?

by jlesage
another page of visual illusions with explanations

October 2006

Teaching Writing in the Space of Blackboard

by jlesage
Since many teachers use Blackboard, this is useful to them in analyzing how students negotiate aspects of that site and its technologies.

June 2006

bgblogging--barbara ganley

by jlesage
important and well written edublog. "An active implementer of new media and social software into literature and writing classrooms, my special interests include digital storytelling as a means of academic discourse and integrated web technologies as a veh

CultureCat | Rhetoric and Feminism

by jlesage & 1 other
one of the most important edubloggers, engaging and well written blog

May 2006

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