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December 2006

Lateral Thinking Problems - Preconceptions

by jlesage
The site poses problems in lateral or logical thinking, from easy to hard, with both hints and answers. Great party conversation and something kids will like.

November 2006

Incredible Art Lessons

by jlesage & 1 other
many art lessons from preschool through college; lots of stimuli for the imagination, lots of detail if you are a parent or teacher

Sequence Analysis

by jlesage & 1 other
by a teacher, great handout for students on how to analyze a film sequence

October 2006

The New Face of Learning

by jlesage
"In an environment where it's easy to publish to the globe, it feels more and more hollow to ask students to "hand in" their homework to an audience of one. When we're faced with a flattening world where collaboration is becoming the norm, forcing student

Teaching Writing in the Space of Blackboard

by jlesage
Since many teachers use Blackboard, this is useful to them in analyzing how students negotiate aspects of that site and its technologies.

June 2006

PEDABLOGUE - Michael Arnzen

by jlesage
Teacher is on leave for 06-07 academic year; see past postings.

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