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4 Top Cards for Bad Credit!

by starry69
If your credit is bad, don't worry, several financial institutions offer credit cards to help you establish a good credit rating. They will help you to rebuild your credit.

July 2008

June 2008

The Lightbox Clones Matrix « planetOzh

by ghis & 21 others (via)
Comparison of various scripts that display images and other objects in somehow cool CSS popups

May 2008

The Lightbox Clones Matrix

by kasi77 & 21 others (via)
Comparison of various scripts that display images and other objects in somehow cool CSS popups

widefox wiki. Kernel Comparison for ...

by ghis (via)
Comparison between linux and windows kernel.

April 2008

The Lightbox Clones Matrix « planetOzh

by holyver & 21 others (via)
Comparison of various scripts that display images and other objects in somehow cool CSS popups

Rss 2.0 And Atom 1.0 Compared

by holyver & 7 others (via)
People who generate syndication feeds have a choice of feed formats. As of mid-2005, the two most likely candidates will be [WWW]RSS 2.0 and [WWW]Atom 1.0. The purpose of this page is to summarize, as clearly and simply as possible, the differences between the RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 syndication languages.

Five Best Instant Messengers

by holyver (via)
On Tuesday we asked for your favorite instant messaging applications, and over 550 comments later, we've culled it down to the most popular five. From web-based chat to desktop clients to tools that combine IM, email, and social networking, your nominations spanned a wide range of instant messaging applications. Let's take a closer look at the five most voted-for apps, and face them off against each other in a final showdown to crown the ultimate favorite.

March 2008

Genii Software | WebEditors

by holyver & 28 others (via)
This list of WYSIWYG rich text web editors is being maintained as a general resource for developers who want to add a richer editing experience to web based applications. In order to be included, all editors must work in place in a browser window, either by replacing a textarea or by adding their own editable fragment. WYSIWYG page designers that live outside the web page are in a different category. This resource is a living document, and we always welcome comments and updates. Please let us know if you have any comments, additional information or corrections. While we list both open source and commercial editors in the tables below, we do not endorse or guarantee your results with any editor.

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The Geronimo renegade: The exodus from JBoss to Apache Geronimo

by holyver (via)
Now that Apache Geronimo has earned Java™ 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.4 certification and has reached version 1.1.1, many developers will be moving away from building their software on top of more restrictive platforms. Specifically, there have been a number of articles and tutorials written lately describing migrating away from the JBoss application server to Apache Geronimo. This installment of The Geronimo renegade column describes many advantages of doing so.

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