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December 2005

The Artima Developer Community

by macroron & 5 others
an online community where developers learn from experts in the software industry as well as interact, share information, and learn from each other. Artima Developer provides in-depth technical articles, interviews with shakers and movers in the software w

November 2005

October 2005

9rules network - social - blog link index. a content network that happens to have blogs in it

by macroron & 55 others, 1 comment
community of high quality websites-highly discerning readers-content is king-looking good helps-we add sites that meet these rigorous standards.

MetaTalk | Community Weblog

by macroron
a discussion area for topics specific to MetaFilter itself, ranging from bug reports to feature requests to questions of content, the posts are sorted by date, and tagged by category.

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