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Ten leading platforms for creating online communities | Enterprise Web 2.0 |

by irols
Creating online communities of customers and workers has been one of the hotter topics in business and technology this year. Whether you’re on the business side, in IT, or are just trying to build virtual teams around shared goals, online communities are rapidly becoming a popular way to organize people and accomplish work in a highly collaborative manner.


Share your location with friends | MyLoki

by irols & 1 other (via)
Consider "Where are you?" a thing of the past.

Blogbang Advertise

by irols & 2 others
Blogbang est une plate-forme publicitaire 2.0 - Les marques y déposent des briefs, les internautes créent des pubs et les bloggeurs diffusent celles de leur choix contre rémunération.

freesound :: home page

by irols & 25 others
The Freesound Project is a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds. Freesound focusses only on sound, not songs. This is what sets freesound apart from other splendid libraries like ccMixter. New to this site? Read the What is Freesound page to learn more!


SiteVolume : Home

by irols
Pour comparer l'audience d'un mot ou d'une phrase sur youtube, myspace, flickr,...


by irols & 1 other
Weblin offers an interesting cooperation model for communities: to make members of the community more active. so that members of the community can make themselves heard even outside the community. so that they can contact their members even outside of the community.

Fidg't: Your Social Networking Address Book

by irols & 2 others
The Fidg't Visualizer allows you to play around with your network. You interface with the Visualizer through Flickr and LastFM tags, using any tag to create a Magnet. Once a Tag Magnet is created, members of the network will gravitate towards it if they have photos or music with that same Tag.

Home | Scribd

by irols & 49 others
Put your docs online. Scribd is a free online library where anyone can upload. Use our embeddable PDF player to publish and view documents right in your web browser. Try it out! - FREE Anytime Collaboration and Live Conferencing™

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100% Browser-based - No downloads or installs Shared viewing of: DOCs, PPTs, XLSs, JPGs, PDFs and more Real-time Desktop Sharing and Screen Capturing Tools to Whiteboard, Draw and Annotate Built-in Text-chat and Teleconferencing

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