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May 2006

Track Your Comments All Over the Internet: coComment

by pacificIT
Technology Evangelist Robert Sanzalone discusses his discovery of coComment, a hot, new, free web 2.0 service to keep track of your comments on other people's blogs and feeds.

More Echoes in the Chamber? -- Alec Saunders .LOG

by summer70
From the page: "Here’s the thing. I don’t have any trouble finding content, nor does sharing my reading list with someone else (although I do publish it) really do anything for me. My problem isn’t finding more stuff to read. My problem is wading through the morass of stuff that comes my way to find the one or two nuggets that are really topical......." Couldn't agree more....


by crcw (via)

April 2006

March 2006


by jackysee
Quote: 美國的敵人又豈止是他們所創作的名詞「邪惡軸心國」?就像費探員無法在清一色身穿油漆工人裝的「人質」中找出原來多達五名的劫匪,美國政府所擔憂的「恐怖份子」也是防不勝防。

側田半豁開,《No Protection》

by jackysee (via)
Quote: 即使帽子戲髮下的真相大白,一眾歌迷還是大表擁戴支持,實在是以眼睛來聽歌聞名於世的香港樂壇的一個反常。


by jackysee (via)
Quote: 我們害怕的根本不應該是這樣坦蕩蕩的極權政府,因為人民終會在這個時候團結起來。我們應該警惕的反而是那些「笑騎騎 放毒蛇」的政府


by jackysee (via)
Quote: 《追殺比爾》讓我們看到了昆汀.塔倫提諾腦袋中的女殺手圖鑑,激情即又狂妄;《親切的金子》則讓我們看到了朴贊郁對南韓女性的極端素描,狀似有神,輪廓卻是模糊的,特別是當朴贊郁只能重複《原罪犯》的美學方法時,你突然明白了,《追殺比爾》不應該拆為上下兩集的,《親切的金子》其實也只是《原罪犯》的續篇,電影人生很殘酷的,每有新作,人家都期待你能再上層樓,偏偏,人生最難的,就是超越自己。寫稿如此,寫歌如此,拍電影亦如此。


by phgod

非池中物的實力表態 - [Ten Most Wanted] 容祖兒

by jackysee (via)
Quote: 三年前憑「習慣失戀」和「心淡」攀上事業頂峰,可是獨沽一味不可能贏足一世,之後的「出賣」、「16號愛人」和「呼天不應」 等情殤氾濫的複製品已經將容祖 兒推向一個死胡同。

February 2006

Colib - Your books, music

by ycc2106
Colib is your book, music and video collection online.


by jackysee (via)
...刪減了的部份令人物變得平板,更令Mr. Darcy的傲慢變得像小男生”死要臉”,Elizabeth的偏見像小女孩般”包拗頸”...

What's More Important... The Talent or The Look?

by jackysee (via)
談漫畫改編電影角色,是形重於神,還是神重於形?例如 X-men 裏的磁力王

browsr - people powered directory

by ycc2106
(BETA): People powered directory where everybody can rate! <b>Some Features: </b> Tag cloud, Rateing, Categories, Comments, Public directories. Private or shared with select audiences directories are soon to come.

Max Kiesler - DesignDemo

by boyjoe & 11 others (via)
一個 Web 2.0 網站設計評論的 blog

Max Kiesler - DesignDemo

by jackysee & 11 others (via)
一個 Web 2.0 網站設計評論的 blog

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