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April 2011

Kingdom Come Paperback

by alamat (via)
Kingdom Come is a tough book to rate. On the one hand, it does possess level of depth that sets it far above most “comic books” on the newsstand. On the other, such depths as you will find are, to be brutally honest, entirely – yes, entirely – derivative of what Alan Moore had already given us in Watchmen more than a decade earlier.

iOS Apps: Transformers Comics

by alamat (via)
Transform your iPad or iPhone. The entire Transformers comic book universe all in one app. Only from IDW Publishing, the leader in digital comics.

The Flash: Rebirth

by alamat (via)
In 2000, Geoff Johns succeeded Mark Waid as the writer for the “Flash” monthly book. Over the next 5 years, he would receive acclaim for his focus on characterization and for adding depth to Keystone City and the Rogues.

Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk

by alamat (via)
The Hulk is one of my favorite superhero characters around and this collection is probably one of the best stories he’s seen in many years, probably the finest since the epic Pantheon saga that Peter David did in the early 90′s.

Farel Dalrymple | illustrations and comics

by everyueveryme
comic books and illustrations of farel dalrymple

Blackest Night hardcovers list

by alamat (via)
DC Comics will release a couple Blackest Night hardcovers every week for the next three weeks. Here’s the tentative schedule:

Happle Tea - Comics!

by everyueveryme
A webcomic about mythology and other things. Every Tuesday and Friday.

Girls Face Left

by everyueveryme
This is where I, William Gibbons, post mostly my art, some text, and occasionally post quotes, music, video, and other people's art.

Sean Gordon Murphy | Comic Book Artist

by everyueveryme
Welcome to the professional website of Sean Murphy: illustrator, concepts artist, comic book artist and writer.

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