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iOS Apps: Comics

by alamat (via)
The only iPhone/iPad comic platform that has Marvel, DC and The Walking Dead. Purchases made can be read on the web, too, at! The largest comic library and store with Guided View™ Technology, which says “solves the problem of reading comics on the small screen.” With over 12,000 comics! Featured on Jimmy Kimmel, CNN, and more!

Hellboy, Vol. 1: Seed of Destruction

by alamat (via)
First of all I’d like to advise people who are willing to get into Hellboy to start here. Besides from this being the official first story you also get easily introduced to Hellboy and what he’s about here, and the drift into Hellboy-reality is very natural and gentle.

iOS Apps: Transformers Comics

by alamat (via)
Transform your iPad or iPhone. The entire Transformers comic book universe all in one app. Only from IDW Publishing, the leader in digital comics.

2008 The Book of Other People: Books: Zadie Smith

by sbrothier
Starred Review. "The instruction was simple: make somebody up," explains novelist Smith in her introduction to this marvelous compendium of 23 distinct, pungent stories that attack the question of "character" from all angles. From David Mitchell's hilarious rendering of one menopausal woman's fantasy internet love-affair to ZZ Packer's heart-wrenching Jewish guy-black girl romance, each story is, as Smith puts it, "its own thing entirely." There are moments of prosaic precision (Andrew O'Hagan's eerily incisive "Gordon" is introduced "in the talcum-powdered air of the bathroom muttering calculations and strange moral sums about the cause of Hamlet's unhappiness"), but this volume is more than a showcase for deft prose and quirky souls. Toby Litt's lovely, lyrical "Monster," for example, playfully upends notions of personhood, as does Dave Eggers' surprising "Theo," a moving tale of a mountain who falls in love. Also on hand are a number of wonderful graphic shorts: Daniel Clowe shrewdly explores an insufferable critic's solipsistic lapses, Nick Hornby's "A Writing Life" gives a knowing wink with a series of writer bios and mock headshots, and "Jordan Wellington Lint" by Chris Ware cleverly chronicles the first 13 years of its hero's life. With so much to savor-the sensuality of Adam Thirlwell's "Nigora," the knowingness of George Saunder's "Puppy"-this anthology will sate even the most famished short story fan. Sales benefit Eggers's nonprofit literary organization 826 NYC. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.


Favourite Comics and Art Books of 2007 » Drawn! The Illustration and Cartooning Blog

by sbrothier & 1 other
I’ve read a lot of great comics and graphic novels this year and I wanted to share some of my personal favourites. Please add your favourites to the comments so I know what to read next year! These are not in any order - just a bunch of stuff I really enjoyed.

Necro goes to Mantova while Jessica Alba shows her legs!

by Elvezio
Some basic info on the comics con at Mantova, Italy,where Necro n. 1 will make his debut, plus a sexy photo of Sin City star Jessica Alba to spice it up!IT>ENG by Google.

Scott McCloud's "Understanding Comics" - (37signals)

by sbrothier
Understanding Comics (Amazon link) is a 215-page comic book about comics that explains the inner workings of the medium. We recently chatted about it and how the concepts relate to online visual communication too (e.g. choosing what to include and what to leave out, guiding the reader’s eye, combining text and images for maximum impact, etc.).


Interactive comic blog from Tokyo

by tokyoblog
An interactive comic blog uploaded weekly from Tokyo by German comic artist Dirk Schwieger. Readers are invited to submit assignments and can read a comic about his efforts the following week.



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