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February 2007

kill nine webcomic

by batiste
Cool ASCII web comic about technologie

Legally Connecticut

by Moonaire
A comic strip about the substitute teacher that's facing 40 years of prison time for being a victim to spyware.

Gato Fedorento - Novela Brasileira

by fotosevideos
This is a sketch from the Portuguese comedian group Gato Fedorento. Funny video in portuguese.

85階公廁 - 樂多日誌

by leslie0809
智障漫畫 到了極點

January 2007

Mangas A-G

by manumalky
¡¡Más de 30.000 comics descatalogados!!, ¿te falta algún comic?, échale un vistazo. Posiblemente el mejor y más amplio site de la red.

Skeletal Systems of Cartoons

by evilmonkeypaw
very nicely drawn comparison of what a character looks like to what skeletal system beneath would look like

December 2006

November 2006

他的貓咪藍眼睛: Virus Killer 2006 ~HELLO KITTY、北斗神拳

by wordsleft
日本有家公司出品一款 HELLO KITTY 防毒軟體 ,這家公司也有出北斗神拳的防毒軟體

CronGrab the Comic Archiver

by kkrizka
CronGrab is a service that can be used to download daily pictures like comics or pictures of the day automaticly and store them at our server. This can be useful if you travel lots or don't have time to check your favourite comics everyday because CronGrab remembers which pictures you have viewd and displays only those that you have not seen before, sorted starting from the oldest.

The Joshua Tree

by joshtree
Learn the importance of Life as Josh, the man, and his (un)supportive cast, trudge their way through life with nothing more than pitchforks and a sense of humor. Updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

October 2006

diesel sweeties:

by rickydrier & 9 others
webcartoon de la génération geeks