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KWEB: Toute l'actualité de ce qui s'écoute et se mate à l'écran en Belgique.

by ADN
Toute l'actualité de ce qui s'écoute et se mate à l'écran en Belgique. Venez mesurer vos affinités culturelles au sein d'une communauté qui vous guide à la machette dans la jungle des sorties mensuelles.


by Fluctuat (via)
Florilège des rapprochements entre la bande dessinée et l'univers vidéoludique.


Interactive comic blog from Tokyo

by tokyoblog
An interactive comic blog uploaded weekly from Tokyo by German comic artist Dirk Schwieger. Readers are invited to submit assignments and can read a comic about his efforts the following week.

bad ninjas - the comic strip

by a47danger
Comic strips about how not to be a ninja.

Comics @ Mai`Nada.Net - Sketch your Comic Strip

by tiago.cardoso & 3 others
<table><tr><td><img src=""/></td><td>Sketch your own comic strip directly online with this revolutionary web app. See your imagination being rate by everyone and promote your own website.</td></tr></table><br /> Here you are able to show your humour and sketching hability. Sketch your imagination!

Comics @ Mai`Nada.Net - Sketch your imagination

by tiago.cardoso & 1 other
<table cellspacing=`5`><br /><tr><td><img src=""/><br /></td><td>Comics @ Mainada is probably the first web application in the world to allow users to draw complete comic strips directly online.</td></tr></table><br /> <br /> It’s free to everyone and can be a great showcast for humor sketch artists to show their art : you can draw online and immediately everyone else in the world with a net connection can see it.<br /> <br /> It`s good for artists that want to show their talent and work and don`t know much about creating a website or putting their drawing online and as it`s all centralized, you can go there and see other people work and see what`s being done recently. On the other hand, it also great to average people that love cartoons and humorist sketches to go and see always new cartoons.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> It uses open laszlo and was created on ruby on rails: two great open source projects.<br /> <br /> Be at ease, use your imagination and tell your friends.<br /> <br /> Show your talent here!

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