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xkcd: Tech Support

by ghis & 2 others (via)
Wouldn't it be wonderful if such a tech support exist?

xkcd: University Website

by ghis
Comic about university websites. So true.

xkcd: Analogies

by ghis
Nice comic about analogies, metaphors, similes and sandwiches.


Google Chrome Comic

by ycc2106
A comic explaining google chrome


by Spone
This is my favorite 4chan meme. I've spent half of my boring day in the office looking for the best rage threads and made this collection. I'd love to credit authors but most of them seem to be... anonymous. I found some of these on 4chan, some on sites like digg, reddit, some on google (and it wasn't easy to find something with unknown number of F's and U's in the file name), etc. These are the best of them in one place. Enjoy!

みんなのマンガ投稿&共有コミュニティ MANGAROO「まんがるー」

by oqdbpo

Mai'Nada - Comics Sketch - Social Comic Artists

by ycc2106
Online animation community, draw humor sketches and comic strips.


by ycc2106
Create and share a comic using any combination of your own drawings, photos and ready-to-use artwork. Can't draw? Not a problem. Simply choose from our library of backgrounds, characters and speech balloons, add your own text or captions… and you're done! A comic in minutes! Sign up now and share the fun. » Ada Lovelace Day!

by xibe

Ada Lovleace, as I’m sure you all know, came up with the first theoretical program for the first imaginary computer, [thus ushering in the Age of Steampunk] making her an inspiration for all us girls messing around on computers in later centuries!

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