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Liberator - the real time Ajax / Comet streaming server

by vrossign
rces of data and building application logic, and full documentation.

JDK Coding Club

by Elryk
Blog java avordant des sujets comme comet, ajax, Hibernate ...


Comet Daily » Blog Archive » 20,000 Reasons Why Comet Scales

by greut

After some recent optimizations, the Dojo Cometd implementation of the Bayeux protocol running on the Jetty web server can now handle up to 20,000 simultaneous users per server while maintaining sub-second latency.

impressive numbers. Does the Twisted one can beat that?


Lift Web Framework witj scala

by pvergain & 2 others
Welcome to the lift Web Framework lift is yet another web development framework. lift runs inside a Java web container and uses the Scala programming language for coding. lift stresses security, developer productivity, ease of deployment, ease of maintainability, performance, and compatibility with existing systems. lift borrows from the best of existing frameworks including Seaside's highly granular sessions and security, Rails fast flash-to-bang, Django's "more than just CRUD is included", and Erlyweb's scalability for Comet-style applications. lift is built on Scala, a hybrid Functional and O-O language that compiles code down to the Java Virtual Machine. Scala code can call any Java code and make use of all Java classes. Java code can call some Scala code. lift applications are packaged as WAR files and can be deployed on any Servlet 2.4 engine (e.g., Tomcat 5.5.xx, Jetty 6.0, etc.)


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